how to receive money with Zelle Citibank

how to receive money with Zelle Citibank


If you’re a Citibank customer who’s looking to receive money through Zelle, you’re in the right place. 

This article will

guide you through the process, address any concerns about fees and limits, and ensure you’re aware of the security measures in place. 

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Let’s go straight on how you can receive money with Zelle at Citibank.

How do I set up Zelle with Citibank to receive money?

The first step to receiving money with Zelle at Citibank is setting up your Zelle account. Fortunately, the process is quite easy:

  1. Log into your Citibank Account: Start by logging into your Citibank online or mobile banking account. If you don’t have one, you’ll need to create it.
  2. Navigate to Zelle: Once you’re logged in, find the Zelle option in your Citibank account dashboard. It’s often located in the “Payments” or “Transfers” section.
  3. Register Your Email or Phone Number: To link your Citibank account with Zelle, you’ll need to register your email address or phone number. This is the information that others will use to send you money.
  4. Verification: Follow the prompts to verify your email or phone number. Citibank will send you a verification code for this purpose.
  5. Set Up a Recipient Profile: After verification, you’ll be asked to create a recipient profile. This is the information that people sending you money will see, such as your name.
  6. Ready to Receive: Once your recipient profile is set up, you’re ready to start receiving money with Zelle at Citibank.

Setting up Zelle with Citibank is as simple as that. 

Now, let’s address any concerns about fees associated with receiving money through this service.

What are the fees for receiving money via Zelle at Citibank?

One of the key advantages of using Zelle is its fee-free nature.

 When you receive money from friends, family, or acquaintances, there are usually no fees involved.

 This makes it an impressive option for receiving funds without worrying about deductions.

However, you need to note that though Zelle itself doesn’t charge fees for incoming payments, your bank, in this case, Citibank, may have its own fee structure for certain types of transactions.

 Therefore, you need to check with Citibank for any specific fee information related to Zelle transfers.

In the next section, we’ll see whether there are any limits on the amount you can receive through Zelle at Citibank.

Is there a limit to the amount I can receive with Zelle at Citibank?

When receiving money through Zelle at Citibank, there may be certain limits in place. 

These limits mostly depend on your bank’s policies and your account type. 

To determine your specific receiving limits, you need to check with Citibank directly. 

They will provide you with information on any daily, weekly, or monthly receiving limits that may apply to your account. 

Keep in mind that these limits are often put in place to improve security and prevent fraudulent activities.

Are there any security measures for receiving money through Zelle at Citibank?

Security is a top priority once it’s related to handling financial transactions, and Zelle at Citibank is no exception. 

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Citibank has  different security measures to protect your money and personal information when you receive funds through Zelle:

  1. Authentication: To ensure that only authorized individuals can access your account and receive money, Citibank uses strong authentication methods.
  2. Encryption: All data transmitted during Zelle transactions is encrypted to safeguard it from unauthorized access.
  3. Transaction Alerts: Citibank often provides transaction alerts, allowing you to stay informed about incoming funds and outgoing transfers.
  4. Fraud Detection: Citibank employs advanced fraud detection systems to identify and prevent suspicious transactions.
  5. Customer Support: In case you encounter any issues or have concerns about the security of your Zelle transactions, Citibank’s customer support is readily available to assist you.

Using Zelle at Citibank: Some of the Best Practices

Now that you’re well aware in setting up Zelle with Citibank, understanding fees, limits, and security measures, let’s look at some of the best practices you should indulge in:

  • Keep your contact information up to date to ensure that payments are sent to the right recipient.
  • Verify the details of the sender before accepting any incoming payments.
  • Regularly monitor your transactions to detect any unusual or unauthorized activity promptly.
  • If you encounter any issues or have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to Citibank’s customer support for assistance.


In summary, receiving money with Zelle at Citibank is a secure way you can handle your digital transactions. 

If you follow the simple steps to set up your Zelle account, understand potential fees and limits, and stay aware of the security measures in place, you can make the most of this service. 


1.Can I use Zelle with my Citibank account for international transactions?

  • Zelle is primarily designed for domestic transactions within the United States. For international transfers, consider other banking options.
  1. How long does it take for money to be available in my Citibank account after receiving it through Zelle?
  • In most cases, money received through Zelle at Citibank is available almost immediately.
  1. Are there any age restrictions for using Zelle with a Citibank account?

Citibank’s policies may have age restrictions for account holders. Contact Citibank for specific age-related requirements.

4.Can I use Zelle with my Citibank business account to receive payments from clients?

Yes, Zelle can often be used with Citibank business accounts for receiving payments.

  1. Is it possible to cancel or reverse a Zelle payment received in error?

Zelle payments are mostly irreversible. Ensure that you double-check the recipient’s information before accepting any payments.

  1. Are there any fees for sending money via Zelle at Citibank?

 Zelle at Citibank is generally free for sending and receiving money, but check Citibank’s specific fee structure for any exceptions.

  1. Can I use Zelle to request money from someone using Citibank?

 Yes, you can send a request for money through Zelle to someone using a Citibank account. They can then choose to accept and send the payment.

We hope this guide has been informative and helpful as regards to receiving money with Zelle at Citibank. 

If you have any more questions or need further assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to us in the comment section.