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Briefing Notes 2005
Briefing Notes 2004
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Briefing Notes - 2004

The following reports are write ups from the more interesting vendor briefings.  Put another way, not every product is written up; only those with an intriguing twist/viewpoint.  A Briefing Note gives a short description of the state of the relevant market, how the vendor's product fits into that market, some background on the vendor and/or where the product is most appropriate, and ultimately finish with Ballardvale Conclusions.  Note that the full reports are accessible only to Ballardvale clients.

  1. Briefing Notes:  Endeca's ProFind 4.6*, December 21, 2004.  Endeca’s ProFind 4.6 is an example of search’s increasing ability to become a part of the enterprise content ecosystem, offering content/application integration via APIs, content suggestion via a “related content feature,” and content delivery via an RSS feed. As such, ProFind 4.6 gives enterprise applications access to broad swaths of corporate content and enables navigation deep into its depths.
  2. Briefing Notes:  ATG's Adaptive Customer Outreach 2005*, December 8, 2004.  ATG’s Adaptive Customer Outreach 2005 helps companies ensure that their e-mails, Web pages, and shopping carts don’t contradict each other, but rather stay “on message.” By coordinating events, content, and customer lists, the software saves enterprises time and effort as they define and create personalized, coordinated e-mail/Web site campaigns in their drive to increase sales.
  3. Briefing Notes:  Percussion Software's Rhythmyx 5.5*, December 3, 2004.  Avoiding the “control everything” approach favored by some enterprise content management vendors, Percussion Software’s Rhythmyx 5.5 manages only content that needs to be controlled or reused. Designed for quick implementation, minimal training, and a heterogeneous document environment, the software targets departments and companies looking for a pragmatic, line-of-business solution.
  4. Briefing Notes:  SageMetrics' SageAnalyst 10.0 and SageAMP*, December 2, 2004.  On-demand provider SageMetrics is making it easier for media companies and online retailers to optimize their online presence by offering SageAnalyst (Web analytics) and SageAMP (short for Sage Audience Management Platform). Leveraging a common data architecture, these two packages help visitor- and content-rich companies make money by matching interested visitors with compelling content.
  5. Briefing Notes:  SAS Institute's Web Analytics Offerings*, November 22, 2004.  Within a crowded Web analytics market, SAS Institute is emphasizing prediction and scalability as its differentiators. By offering features such as automatic customer segmentation and embedded Key Performance Indicator (KPI) analysis, the company has moved beyond standard reporting and therefore speaks to enterprises that want to spend less time reporting on their Web presence and more time optimizing it.
  6. Briefing Notes:  Vivisimo's Velocity*, October 28, 2004.  The three components of search -- crawl, organize, and display -- have all improved over the past several years. This has laid the groundwork for products such as Vivisimo’s Velocity, which packages all three components into a low-cost, integrated whole for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) or applications.
  7. Briefing Notes:  Teradata CRM 5.1*, October 25, 2004.  Performing CRM well is still not easy to do. That said, for companies with the desire and perseverance to do CRM in a holistic and sophisticated manner, Teradata CRM 5.1 offers a multi-channel platform that can profile customers, monitor events, and otherwise optimize the enterprise-customer conversation — ultimately delivering increased profits and happier customers.
  8. Briefing Notes:  Fast Search & Transfer's FAST InStream*, September 27, 2004.  With the stated design goals of ease-of-programming, modularity, and scalability, Fast Search & Transfer (FAST) is entering the search toolkit market with its FAST InStream software. Leveraging the underlying technology in its enterprise offering -- the FAST Enterprise Search Platform -- FAST InStream adds some ISV-friendly features and gives Autonomy and Verity some competition to worry about.
  9. Briefing Notes:  Pilot Software's PilotWeb 2004 Summer*, September 1, 2004.  Leveraging a combination of best practices, visual strategy plans, dashboards, and reporting capabilities, PilotWeb 2004 Summer is a corporate performance management (CPM) workbench that enables companies to optimize their online presence. As such, PilotWeb avoids the techno-centricity of most solutions and encourages a more balanced approach, helping companies to think through the important strategy, process, and people portions of the problem as well.

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