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At-a-Glance Decks

At-a-Glance Decks are designed for today’s busy executive: they distill issues into concise points and crisp visuals that lead to quick understanding.  Think of them as Cliff Notes on high tech subjects.  These decks are free to all viewers.

  1. At-a-Glance:  IBM's UIMA, September 8, 2005.  A 12-slide deck on IBM's recently announced content analysis framework.
  2. At-a-Glance:  The Shift from Snapshots to Streams, September 7, 2005. A 12-slide deck on how monitoring is moving from snapshots (static, infrequent) to streams (real-time, continuous).
  3. At-a-Glance:  Search, Its Fundamentals and Evolution, August 30, 2005.  A 12-slide deck on how search has evolved, how it has increased productivity, and where it is headed.


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